• This game has movement and jump.
  • Up-key jumps, Left-key moves left, Light-key moves right.
  • When I get to the goal line, I go back for the first time. But there is a color tile.
    This game is an upgrade version of [Adventure Again Ver.LDJAM45]. https://gamefive.itch.io/ldjam45-adventure-again
  • 2019.12.31(ver 0.01) Bug fixed. -  bug  and a few level design  
  • 2020. 01.23(ver0.10) Add 6 Levels
  • 2020.02.21(ver0.20) Add to Level Theme Name"Flower" and Level Theme Name"Heart" 
  • 2020.02.29(ver0.21) Directional key: W key [Up], S key [Down], A key [left], D key [right] added
  • 2021.01.01(ver0.3a) Christmas tree level (stage) update and BGM added
  • 2021.0102(ver0.3b) jumpforce 33->34 

Development log


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the hand drawn graphics are really cool! it was short but fun

I'm making. Thank you.