How to Play a game

  • Up key: Jump
  • Right Arrow Key: Move Right
  • Left Arrow Key: Move Left


  • He painted with his hands.
  • I took a picture.
  • Only the resolution was modified.

graphic production process

  • After painting on paper, take a picture. Modify the resolution of the picture.
  • All graphic data were drawn with pencils.

Game engine

  • stencyl

Game Concepts and Level Designs

  • The concept of a level design for this game is that there’s nothing at first, and then there’s a level added as the character moves.
  • As the character moves, a new level is added.
  • But the level that was created in the past is either lost or modified. That’s an important concept of the game’s level design.
  • So there’s no help for character movement at first. I want to know what to be moved by how the level of experience.
  • But I fixed this part. Now I’ve shown you how to move forward at each level.
  • It’s a simple and easy game, but please play it fun. And give me some advice

#Update 1(2019.10.10_LD_2)

=Add [End Scene]

=Level Modify and Level Add

=Level add help icon


=jumping animation sound add

#Update(2019.11.12.LDJAM45 Ver1.9)

=bug fixed

#Update(2019.11.14.LDJAM45  Ver1.91)

=bug fixed(Actor Attributes (Acceleration 80 ->65,MaxWaikingSpeed20->15)


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