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화살방향키는 이동입니다. 윗쪽화살키는 점프 와 벽점프 입니다.

The arrow keys are moves. The upper arrow keys are jump and wall jump.

bug fixed ver1.01: I modified level 3.

2019.07.16 update(ver1.01)

1. Changing the player's character.
2. Modifying the range of a trap collision.

2019.07.21 update(Ver1.05)

1. Changing the player's character.(Animation Add+)

=move, jump, walljump animation changed

old sprites

new sprites

GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withStencyl
Tags2D, jumping, Slime, Stencyl
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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Very cool game, I like the jump against wall animations. Meaby it is an idea to get a jump animation for the jump of the player. I also had the bug that when a reach the endpoint I can't go further. Maybe think about an end page.

Jump Animation We'll change it to Wall Jump Animation. I'm going to add a new stage. Please wait.

now animations changed. ^^


cool game.  I think it would be good to have a different sprite for the wall jump.

Thank you. I'll replace the wall jump sprite. Please play the game even after the change.


I reached the goal but nothing happens

Thank you. I'm going to keep adding it. Please play the game after the update.


spike collision too wide, getting killed even while landing on square/block next to spike

Thank you for your comments. I'm trying to solve the problem.